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Tripkicks is a simple add-on to your travel program that helps you reduce travel spend, improve policy compliance, and enhance traveler satisfaction.

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Reduce travel spend by encouraging travelers to make better decisions

Tripkicks is a simple add-on to your booking tool that works with your current tech stack to provide travelers with actionable insights about their trip and guidance on appropriate spend, empowering them to make better decisions as they book their travel.

Companies can realize significant savings to their travel program by leveraging powerful tools from Tripkicks, such as: Dynamic Rate Targets that guide travelers towards appropriate spend, custom messaging to notify travelers when supplier credit are available, flexible travel date savings which inform travelers that less-expensive options are available by adjusting their dates, and Tripkicks Rewards to incentivize travelers to beat their budget by going above and beyond.

Dynamic rate targets
and Tripkicks Budget

Provide travelers with guidance on what’s appropriate to spend when booking their airfare and lodging. Tripkicks calculates a real-time, dynamic trip budget for each traveler on every trip. Tripkicks’ Budget algorithm incorporates your company’s preferred rates and fares, market rates, historical spend data from your program, and components of your travel policy to present travelers with guidance on what they should spend. 

Companies looking to enhance their traveler experience and achieve additional program savings can enable Tripkicks Rewards to incentivize travelers to go above and beyond and leverage Tripkicks Savings Tactics to beat their budget.

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Supplier credit

Leverage Tripkicks custom messages to inform your travelers which suppliers have credits available with your company. Tripkicks can display a simple message to encourage decisions that maximize savings for your company.

Flexible travel
dates savings

Inform travelers when savings are available by adjusting their arrival or departure window. Travelers with flexible travel dates are notified of less expensive options when booking, and can easily see potential savings that come from moving their arrival/departures dates earlier or later.

Motivate travelers to
go above and beyond

Companies looking to take program savings and traveler experience to the next level can utilize Tripkicks Rewards to incentive travelers who go above and beyond. When travelers beat their budget, they can share in the savings brought about by their cost-conscious behavior by earning Tripkicks Reward Points.

Redeem Tripkicks Reward Points for:


Cash and gift cards


Charitable options


Travel perks


Carbon offsets


Pre-existing company reward program

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Tripkicks Rewards iMac

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