Green Initiative

Manage your carbon footpring

With Tripkicks, travelers can use rewards to offset their carbon emissions and companies can address their sustainability initiatives.

Tripkicks Green Initiative

Empowering travelers and companies to make a difference

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has reached a new level of importance and relevancy in business travel. Companies are tasked with understanding and better managing the global footprint of business travel. Tripkicks Green Initiative allows our customers to address environmental sustainability initiatives by offsetting the carbon emissions of their business travel.

Tripkicks Carbon Offset

Tripkicks users can offset their carbon emissions

A new reward offering allows travelers to redeem their Tripkicks Reward Points to offset their carbon emissions. Travelers can choose to offset the carbon footprint of their various trips (domestic, international, business class international) or choose to offset their household.

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Sustainability options now included in Tripkicks’ customizable Rewards Portal

Companies can determine the specific reward options available to their travelers in the Tripkicks Rewards Portal. In addition to cash, gift cards, and travel perks; organizations can now enable Carbon Offset options for their travelers. Organizations with environmental sustainability initiatives can also choose to automatically offset the carbon emissions of their business travel, funded by their Tripkicks net savings.

Tripkicks Rewards iMac

Tripkicks is a simple add-on to your travel program

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